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Someday, when I grow up – as they say, I’d like to have a nice outdoor entertaining area. You know, just a nice big deck or patio basically. Right now we have a small front porch with no real shade and a small back patio with LOTS of shade from the big oak that serves as a natural umbrella.


Our oak tree makes for a shady backyard.


Maybe our next house will have a nice big deck or patio, who knows!  Meanwhile, most of the summer entertaining happening at my house this summer will consist of kids and the toys that make them happy.  *BJ’s Wholesale sent me on an assignment to browse their summer entertaining selections and to pick out something useful for this review. Opinions are my own. I’m sharing three of my picks, but I only bought the items in one of the pictures below.


outdoor summer entertaining with BJ's Wholesale


I’ve had my mind’s eye on a drink dispenser. This beverage dispenser for $19.99, I believe, was definitely a consideration for me.


The beautiful tiki torches, that’s what I’m calling them, really caught my eye! How elegant!!  But probably not a good idea seeing my backyard is like carpeted and walled in by nature. I don’t want to start a fire.


Then there was this really cute, practical collapsible ice chest on wheels that you could pull behind you like luggage. I almost decided on that, but the umbrella chairs won me over!


I chose the Kelsyus umbrella chairs!


silly boy outside


With one son in soccer now and the youngest talking about starting it too, these chairs will get USED. And not only used for watching games on the sidelines but also for those family/friend and church L.I.F.E. group  get-togethers when we need to bring our own chairs, or if we just want to sit on the front sunny porch and read.


Kelsyus umbrella chairs from BJ's Wholesale


I can’t emphasize enough how easy it was to put this chair up – it’s basically put together as ONE piece and it unfolds into what you see. I just had to snap two bars into place.


And, right this minute my boys are enjoying them.


boys in the shade


The chairs cost about $25-30 each. See what else you can find for outdoor fun at BJ’s Wholesale.

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