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Bugs by Will Zinke, a Master Books review.


Beautiful bugs? Yes, beautiful bugs! God is an amazing Creator and the photographs in Will Zinke’s book, Bugs: Big & Small God Made Them All is full of amazing close-up photos of… BUGS.


As a member of the Moms of Master Books review team, I received this lovely educational book to review last month (October). With all the craziness that comes with moving, I’ve fallen behind in posting about this. I did receive the book free to review, opinions are my own.




You’ll find 80 pages about bugs including a section on “words to know” and an addition two pages of 12 collecting cards with bug statistics and photos.


On page 78 you’ll find a 10 bugs and the scriptures that reference them. I like that, alot! The bible mentions ants,  bees, beetles, caterpillars, gnats, grasshoppers, hornets, locust, flies and the moth. This is an incredible book for the bug lover in your home.


If you homeschool, use this book to create a unit study on your own! You have vocabulary and definitions, the perforated collector cards, the larger than life photos and the text.


Bugs: Big and Small God Made Them All, book review.


Bugs: Big & Small God Made Them All by Will Zinke is a hardback beautiful book full of …bugs.  $14.99 at New Leaf Press under the Master Books imprint. You might find it on Amazon as well.