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Master Books: 44 Animals of the Bible book review


As a Mom of Master Books book reviewer I did receive 44 Animals of the Bible free to review! Opinions are my own and you can join us tonight at the Master Books Facebook page for our monthly party at 7pm CST/ 8pm EST to get a chance to win a copy of this book for yourself!


I love that there is a book that talks about the animals of the Bible! It can make for a great study as God chose what animals He wanted us to talk about. I believe that when it comes to the Authorized King James Bible, other versions that change which animal is talked about? Well, I don’t trust those versions (for other reasons than this).


My only negative about this book is that it uses the New KJV (it may use other versions too) which is not the same as the King James. Truly, the differences in the NKJV are not as simple as “they only changed the thees and thous”.  I’ve done my own study of the version debate and you can read more about that here.


Still, as a King James only Bible believer I can still use this book! I simply have to look up each verses to see if it is in agreement with the King James. I look forward to sharing this with my boys 🙂 .


44 Animals of the Bible is written by Nancy Pelander Johnson and illustrated by Lloyd R. Hight. You can purchase this book at New Leaf Publishing online or check for it on Amazon!