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As I already shared, I use Young Living essential oils for my and my family’s health. Well, I wanted a guide book I could consult for what oils are considered helpful for what ailments, etc. I had looked on Amazon for something and everything I found was a little out-dated by a year or so I think.


Upon recommendation of another Young Living friend, I bought the Reference Guide for Essential Oils by Connie and Alan Higley published by Abundant Health. I was fortunate to find a 2013 edition for about $35-40 on Amazon. I bought this last month. I am using my Amazon affiliate links in this post. Clicking through them and making a purchase does not cost you anything extra! This is Amazon’s way of rewarding me for sharing them with my readers.


About a week ago I found out that Young Living put out their 2015 edition of their own book. However, the price is around $65 I think, but it comes with a lot more pages!


***If you are one of my local friends who has signed up under me and would like one of Young Living’s 2015 guides contact me and I’ll hook you up with my rep as he has a bunch of them. This will save you the shipping cost since you can pick it up locally.


I see there is now a 2014 edition to the Higley’s book: Reference Guide for Essential Oils available on Amazon here.


I bought the Reference Guide for Essential Oils by the Higleys.



The Reference Guide for Essential Oils by the Higleys specifically references Young Living brand oils and products. Information in this book is separated by the following categories and uses colored tab shaped features to help identify sections:

  • Science and Application
  • Single Oils
  • Oil Blends
  • Personal Care Products
  • Supplements
  • Notes & New Products
  • Personal Guide (with more than 600 health-related topics)


Reference Guide for Essential Oils



I really like the Personal Guide as I can look up ailments (cancer, depression, arthritis, etc.) and see what oils others are using to help.  Tips and recommendations are shared, oils are marked by their suggested application (Topical, Aromatic, Internal). The green font indicates which oils are “Primary Recommendations” while the purple is used to indicate “Other Recommendations”.


Visit Amazon here to learn more about how to purchase the Reference Guide for Essential Oils by the Higleys.


And, if you would like to know more about Young Living please contact me. I am not just a “user” now, I am a distributor. Read my post here about the special starter kit I signed up for over a year ago (because it was the only way to get that price for the oils and diffuser) without obligation to buy anything else or sell a single thing. That special is available to you too!