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How to pack your diffuser and essential oils for travel.


When I originally sat down to share this post I focused on how I pack my essential oils and diffuser for traveling; and, that is how I made my title image you’ll see below. But as I finished up my photos and started looking on Amazon (I am using my affiliate links in this post) for a set of cases like the ones I bought at Walmart, I couldn’t find them.  I DID find some FABULOUS looking sets like this…


…adorable looking six piece Lady Bug train case set:


And this smart and chic black and white houndstooth in pink trim, BUT  I  DIGRESS.


Back to MY sweet four piece cosmetic train case set I purchased at Walmart. I think I paid around $15 maybe $19 for it; and, it came with two of the smaller square train cases and one rectangular case that all fit inside one larger rectangular case. I gave one of the squares to my mom to store her essential oils in as well. Storing my essential oils was my purpose in buying the set, by the way.


When I bought it I didn’t plan on using it to pack my diffuser too. When I decided to take the diffuser and oils with us to Castaway Bay a couple weeks ago I realized I could pack both and the plug all in the larger case.


How great is that! I love it.


I feel good that I have a safe way to keep all my oils and diffuser together when we travel now.


Young Living essential oils and diffuser.


The thinner rectangular train case was perfect for storing all the extra cords I was taking with us: laptop, son’s tablet cord, phone charger and battery charger. After looking at other cosmetic train case sets on Amazon I got excited about the packing possibilities for new sets! (Not that I plan on buying anymore anytime soon).


Cosmetic case cord storage for travel.


Oh, the things I could pack in those cute Lady Bug cases above, OR, how about these adorable owls!! They come in pink or black:





I even found camo!