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Do you feel like you’re running low on unique ideas for Mother’s Day gifts? There are only so many knick-knacks one can possess, right? 🙂 


Well, some mamas love those things but others don’t collect them. I have three unique gift ideas to share with you today to help you think of some gifts that might just be outside-of-the-box of your normal thinking. These gifts may not be right for “your” mom but they may help jog your thinking about how to look for something unique that fits your mom otherwise.


As a mom, myself, I had the opportunity to pick out all three gifts from Uncommon Goods to complete this review. This is not a paid post and opinions are my own.


unique sari clutch purse travel bag


I picked this beautiful unique clutch purse (found at this link) which could be used for other purposes as well, such as packing small items for travel or as a makeup bag. The beautiful colors (which make the clutches unique) are parts of saris once worn by Indian women. The foundation of the bag that the sari pieces are sewn to is made of a stronger material that reminds me of canvas.


This is a very nice bag! At the end of my post I will have a video of the day I opened the package and you can get a better look at the bag there.


Fun Fact: Did you know Uncommon Goods donates $1 of every purchase to the non-profit of your choice from their list here? Since starting the Better To Give program 12 years ago Uncommon Goods has donated over one million dollars.


artisan gourmet baking salts for Mother's Day


Amongst the many, many gift ideas for mom that I found here were these gourmet baking salts! How cool is this?! Can you read the description of each canister? Watch my video below as I read them off for you.


artisan soap samples for Mother's Day


My last pick was this set of artisan soap samples. It also came with a little background story of the artisan behind the soaps. Just like the sari clutch, I love products that come with a more personal story behind them. This set smells so nice and we’ve been using them in our bathroom. Watch my video below for a better view of the soaps, they are smaller than they appear in my picture.


Fun Fact: Step into the artist’s world at Uncommon Goods (at this link) for a studio tour, meet the artists and check out the Instagram challenge YOU can be part of.




Do these ideas help get you thinking about what unique gift ideas your mom might love? Mother’s Day comes around every year so I know a few unique ideas are needed from time to time.