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Chatbooks FREE Book offer


I’m so glad to have found out about Chatbooks! This tool/service has made one small but important area of my life SO much easier. In fact, it’s an area I have been neglecting. While I take tons of pictures, I rarely get any printed anymore. I don’t have time to scrapbook either. My memory-collecting happens online.


Enter, Chatbooks.


So, I did a video to share what they look like and give you the details. You can see it below. But the “cliff notes” are these:


  • You download the free Chatbooks app for Android or iPhone onto your phone and sign up for the subscription. Use my affiliate code: LRJ7FWF3 and you get your first book FREE!  Visit Chatbooks here.


  • When you have 60 photos on Instagram you get an email saying you have 3 days to delete pics if necessary and choose your cover.


  • Your photo book is automatically published then and sent to you! The books are $6 each and approximately 6″x6″ and that includes free shipping. You can choose $1 per book for shipping if you want waterproof packing and tracking. (SEE my video BELOW to see some of my books).


  • My photo books began with my very first day on Instagram and I opted to have all my books made so I was caught up (minus the pictures I chose to leave out of the books via the app). That was 11 Volumes!  It’s easy!



Are you doing Chatbooks? Let me know in the comments.