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Our vacation in Myrtle Beach.


During our week at Myrtle Beach we only did two “big” paid attractions: the Hollywood Wax Museum & Entertainment Center (which we received a couple free tickets and additional tickets at a discount because I shared this special discount post) and Wonder Works. I’ll talk about Wonder Works later, today I’m sharing about the Hollywood Wax Museum & Entertainment Center’s ALL ACCESS PASS.


Our visit to the Hollywood Wax Museum.


The ALL ACCESS PASS gets you into all three attractions within Hollywood Wax Museum: the wax museum of celebrities, the Maze of Mirrors, and the Zombie Maze. We all did the wax museum and the Maze of Mirrors, but, only my husband and one of my nieces was brave enough to enter the Zombie Maze. 🙂


We made our visit early in the day and pretty much had the place to ourselves which was nice for taking pictures with our favorite wax celebrities.


While you can take pictures to your heart’s content inside, you cannot take a picture posing with King Kong. That is reserved for a price and to be honest, it’s a very FAIR price! It was something like $10.99 for a large picture and about $6 for each additional picture. We were able to get a FREE picture by filling out an electronic survey on a machine in the gift shop! cha-ching! Well, I mean, yay for saving money 🙂


Princess Di at the Hollywood Wax Museum in Myrtle Beach.



Since there were no crowds we moved through everything fairly quickly which may or may not be a good thing depending on how you feel about paying that much money for tickets.


My husband felt like they could use more wax figures; and, I want to add that while the likeness was close for some stars, others just looked plain bad. I don’t know, maybe those stars do look that different in real life vs. magazine and tv shows thanks to photoshop and camera magic? I just don’t know. We still had a good time taking pictures with our chosen celebs.


Maze of Mirrors at the Hollywood Wax Museum.


The Maze of Mirrors was pretty… well, psychedelic is the best word I can use to describe the colors and patterns.  This is also called Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors. Everyone who enters is to hunt for the missing Princess Hannah. If memory serves me right you first enter the maze by walking through one of those spinning tunnels that make you feel off balance! I think there may have been a by-pass door for those who couldn’t enter that through the tunnel. While one of my nieces who has a long history of seizure-disorder was fine in this attraction, some people may not be able to tolerate all the visual stimuli. We were forewarned before we entered.


I plan to share about Wonder Works located at Broadway at the Beach in my next post in this Myrtle Beach Vacation Series! I hope you’ll stick around. 🙂


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