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Wonder Works at Myrtle Beach


During our one week vacation in the north end of Myrtle Beach during the month of May we chose two attractions to visit. I already told you about one of them, the Hollywood Wax Museum and Entertainment Center. Today I’m sharing about our visit to Wonder Works located at Broadway at the Beach.


Wonder Works at Myrtle Beach


As you may recall me also sharing, Broadway at the Beach was also the site for my video showing our stop at the Pick A Pearl booth where we watched the process of picking an oyster to the making of my pearl and sterling silver necklace: my anniversary gift from my husband to me. We also ate at the Egyptian-styled Hard Rock Cafe and walked the board walk, fed the very hungry fish (see video below), and took in the sites – all at Broadway at the Beach!


Egyptian themed Hard Rock Cafe in Myrtle Beach.


Wonder Works stands out quite well from all the other busyness of Broadway at the Beach simply because the building displays as UPSIDE DOWN. It is pretty cool to see. One of the great things about Wonder Works, we discovered, is that you can leave and come back! I think we just had to get our hand stamped or show our ticket stub. You can literally spend hours and hours there!


Walking the high ropes at Wonder Works.


The highlight of Wonder Works for us was walking the tight-rope obstacle course (harnessed). If you have a severe fear of heights this may not be forĀ  you unless you are trying to break yourself of this fear! Surprisingly, both our boys liked this so much we did it twice! Unfortunately, I could not take my camera up with me to video the experience.



Some of the things you can expect to EXPERIENCE at Wonder Works:

  • The differing angles of the sinking Titanic.
  • Storm winds.
  • Ride a bike while flipping upside down.
  • Roller coaster simulator.
  • 3D short movies
  • Lay on a bed of nails.
  • And more!


Visit the main Wonder Works website or their Myrtle Beach location here for more information.