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The women on my side of the family have a yearly secret-sister gift exchange for Christmas and it’s a lot of fun! I thought this year it would be fun to also have an ornament making get-together sometime either before this party or just before Christmas. Some of my nieces may want to give these ornaments as gifts this year.


So, I’ve already picked out some simple, cute ornaments we can make and you can see them on my Pinterest board widget at the end of this post. I may be adding more ideas to it. Maybe you’d like to do something like this with your family or friends, too!


My plan is to keep our diy ornaments somewhat simple but cute and desirable at the same time! I know I’ll need to find extra toilet paper rolls and yarn. I’d also like to use glitter and I especially like the toilet paper owls you’ll see on my board below. I love owls, they’re so cute, and I love glitter, not the mess so much.


diy dry-erase workbooks for homeschooling


I have a lot of scrapbook paper on-hand which will be awesome if anyone wants to make the Polish Stars. I also have miscellaneous supplies like a circle punch and square punch, stamps and ink, stickers, and so on. I’m not sure we’ll need it, but I also have a laminator which I’ve used a lot for making things like flash cards, these dry-erase workbooks for homeschooling and my own homeschool planner.


My custom homeschool planner.


Want to see the ornaments I’ve picked out already? I’m sharing pics from Pinterest that I’ve saved on my #DIY Christmas Ornaments board. I do plan to take pictures during our ornament party to share with you afterwards here on the blog. Hopefully our ornaments will turn out great! Now I have to set a date and secure the necessary supplies.


Do you and your family have any special traditions this time of year? Tell me about them in the comments. I’ll be reading them all and responding!


If you know of a great ornament idea you think we’d like, share that too! If you share an ornament tutorial in the comments and we decide to use it in our party I’ll link to your post in my recap post!


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