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The older I get the more I learn to trust the Lord. Is it that way for you?


Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t struggle a lot in some ways, but in some ways, it just seems to get easier.


One thing I’ve learned is that if something “goes wrong” usually it seems something unexpectedly positive comes out of it.


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Here’s a list of some of the benefits I’ve received from things going “wrong” in my life.


  • When I lose things and ask the Lord for help, I usually find something in addition, something formerly lost,  from my search for the immediate object.


  • In other cases, I think when something has broke and requires cleaning, it leads to me getting something else cleaned or taken care of that I maybe I had been neglecting.


  • At other times, I think, do or say something wrong and it leads me to confront myself about sins I need to deal with. Things I need to repent of.  Sometimes I see my bad character traits in my own children. (gulp)


  • I’m learning that if I’m faithful (aka disciplined) in my work that God seems to give me more opportunities.


  • I’ve learned that things don’t necessarily work out the way “I” think is best; but, God is still in control.


Romans 8:28


What about you? Can you see God working on you?