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Wouldn’t you have liked to be the genius behind LEGO and other building blocks? They’re classic, while staying educational and fun!


Our family has acquired so many LEGOs (thanks to family and friends giving them for birthday and Christmas gifts) over the years that we decided to put them to good use and host own Homeschool Lego Club! I’ll share some links to more info on our club and how you can start your own at the end of this post.


Well, still at 9 and 11 my boys want… Legos, to the annoyment of some of our relatives I suppose. But, hey. It’s not a bad gift. We’ve even bought LEGO sets for birthday gifts recently for birthday parties we’ve been invited to.


There are actually several sets that seem to be on a hot-list right now; and, I’m sharing 6 best-selling LEGO sets for gifts with you today. I saw some of these were even on sale while making my Amazon list. I am using my affiliate links and you using them does not cost you a penny. I make (very) little on my Amazon affiliate links, but every bit adds up and someday Amazon will pay me for sharing them with you. Thank you for supporting this blog! 🙂


6 Best-selling LEGO Sets for gifts

LEGO Minecraft The Cave

LEGO Minecraft The Farm

LEGO Superheros Batman: Man-Bat Attack


LEGO Minecraft The First Night


LEGO Classic Creative Bricks


LEGO Friends Heartlake Grand Hotel Building Kit

Want to learn more about the Homeschool Lego Club we started in our home? Visit the links below.