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I love no-thought dinners that are delicious like this easy crockpot dinner recipe of pork, potatoes with onion and radish because my life is just that busy right now. I know many of you are that busy, too! My crockpot makes my life so much easier and I intend to put it to use more frequently for my busy days. Problem is, I usually forget to prepare ahead of time. Perfect example: Like on Sundays I can put it to use while we are at church so we don’t feel the need to stop for fast food or on the days we have homeschool co-op.

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Easy #crockpot dinner pork and potatoes #easydinnerrecipe


Another thing I’m working on (and it seems to never end) is making my boys try new foods and eat a fair amount before throwing in the towel claiming “I don’t like it!”. Well, there is a life-lesson in there for them. Simply put, they aren’t always going to like what “life” brings their way so they might as well learn to deal with it. Yeah, I’m talking about radishes – ha! 


Radishes: I avoided them too, but then I ate one the other day and it really wasn’t that bad! My friend told me she cooked and ate them in place of potatoes in potato soup and it wasn’t that bad either. In fact, I understand that if you peel the red off they can pass for potatoes (good news for Trim Healthy Mama followers).


#easydinnerrecipe crockpot


Sunday morning I cut some potatoes and chopped some onion and threw it (well, not literally) all in a crockpot with some boneless pork chops and radishes. and seasonings of my choice. I believe I did, and I recommend this, use a little oil on the bottom of the crockpot. I have some extra-virgin olive oil on hand for this.


Easy dinner recipe using a crockpot


I think my seasoning were salt, pepper, garlic powder and Italian seasonings…my basics. I also filled it about half way up with water so I had lots of juicy-juicy goodness to keep thing moist, flavorful and to use like gravy. You gotta have something juicy to dip that yummy buttered roll into to sop up and eat…mmmmm!


Pork and potatoes in the crockpot makes dinner easy!


I set the crockpot on high that morning and let it cook for about four hours. It was done by the time we were ready for lunch.  And, can I tell you how delicious the leftovers are?

Yes, ma’am...or sir 🙂 .


Delicious easy dinner recipe for busy days using the crockpot.



Whether you use one-pot for the oven or your crockpot there is no end to the many ways you can make an easy one-pot dinner! Simply pick your meat or poultry and cut up your veggies.

  • Use a little cooking oil on the bottom of the pot to prevent sticking


  • Layer your meat and veggies and fill about half way with water to keep things moist and to have some wonderful juicy goodness.


  • Put on a lid and cook. In this case, the crockpot. Generally speaking, if nothing is frozen I recommend on high for 4 hours. If you go Low, maybe 8-10.  Since I don’t know what you’ll be cooking I can’t say for sure what you’ll need. If there is any question, check the temperature of the meat with a meat thermometer because you don’t want to get sick from undercooked meat or poultry.