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Hey, it’s Tuesday or maybe you’re reading this on Wednesday… and I’m here with my Monday update. <— Yeah, that.


So, once again I’ve been in the time-suck of technical problems with my blog. Every now and then this happens. I had a big issue this past summer which led me to change the theme (aka “look and functionality”) of my blog. It’s like the outward appearance, the clothing of the blog. It’s the color and structure.


Well, for a while now with this new theme, I’ve been experiencing technical difficulties. Those difficulties grew to the point where I could rarely get the visual editor in my dashboard to open up. I would get a blank screen. I knew my post was in there, but it wasn’t showing up for me to edit. So between me and my tech support from ET and Momwebs we’ve been trying to figure out what in the world is going on!


When you want to quit because the problems don't stay away.


I’ve tested, retested, deleted plugins, updated themes and they’ve looked into it and helped where the could. I finally just paid Momweb’s tech to strip out all my WordPress files (which is over my head) and replace them with “clean ones” and then to put my blog back in. Well, that didn’t solve the problem completely, though it may have helped a little. Next step is to move my blog to a new server. So, why am I bothering to tell you this?


Well, first, it might help a blogger going through something similar and this is my weekly update post on how my 8 areas of life improvements are going. There’s seems to be a number of us, bloggers, having problems. Part of it could be this Yoast SEO plugin some of us are using, who knows. I deleted that plugin even though I wasn’t sure if it was my problem.


Secondly, and most importantly, perhaps, I share this because it is the sort of stuff that leads me to consider quitting blogging. Blogging involves technical aspects that are just out of my area of skill and knowledge. I have, as they say, enough skill to be dangerous. Oh yes, I’ve blown up my blog before…. poosh! gone into the airwaves. That’s why you want to backup your blog before you go doing updates or crazy edits. My host does backups, too. So between the two of us, one of us hopefully has a good copy in case something goes wrong.


When you want to quit. Don't, unless it's right.


So, back to that second point about going through difficulties that make us want to quit. Yeah, that’s dangerous. If you have reason to believe that you are where you should be in life or doing what you should be doing in life…don’t quit when the going gets rough. Problems are part of life.


Let me say that again and a little differently in case you didn’t read me right…


Don’t quit just because you hit hard times. Problems are part of life.


To be sure, there is a time to quit…sometimes. So, when do you know when to quit?


Well, I certainly can’t answer that for you, except to say, if you know you’re doing something that is wrong then you need to stop doing it. Or, you’re wrong for not doing something particular, so you need to start doing it.


My standard of right and wrong comes from God’s word and since I have a relationship with Him and I know He has a plan for my life I trust that if I am not suppose to be doing a certain work (for my, blogging/online stuff) then He will make me aware of that. But, I don’t assume hard times mean it’s time to run the other direction. Hard times stretch us, teach us, and help us grow. Here’s a good passage to memorize: Philippians 4:6-7


Are you going through hard times?


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