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Do you love a good s’mores treat? I do! If you’ve been under the impression that s’mores treats are limited to fall-time bonfires and cookouts, you would be mistaken!


Well, thanks to a friend, I was introduced to this easy 3 ingredient s’mores pie recipe and now I can have s’mores all year round! And, so can you!


Easy 3 ingredient S'mores Pie My affiliate links are being used to link to some related, helpful products.


A friend in our Lego Club told me about this super easy, delicious S’mores Pie and… I had to try it!


Three ingredient S’mores Pie is such an easy way to get your “smores” fix when roasting marshmallows over fire isn’t convenient because of weather or whatever. (You might like to try this method for a more sophisticated get-together with friends).


Pretty fancy!



While that rack above is pretty cool, I think the pie way is probably less messy too since you get to use a fork and plate!



Easy S'mores Pie, all year round!


It’s really this simple.

Preheat oven at 350 degrees and then…


Put in the oven and watch for the chocolate chips to melt and the marshmallows to brown a bit on top.


Easy to make S'mores Pie tastes good warm and cold.


Remove from oven and let it cool just a bit if you want to eat it warm. My friend said it’s not as good cold, but…I have a confession to make.

It was DELICIOUS cold!

I mean, it was candy bar AWESOME! My family had some warm and then I enjoyed finishing it off cold over the next day or too.


Yummy easy 3 ingredient s'mores pie.