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I know I’ve been silent on the blog, but I’ve been busy behind the scenes. Among the everyday aspects of life, April 20th we received our Painted Lady butterfly kit complete with five caterpillars or larva.


We had the opportunity to experience the “very hungry caterpillar” scene at our house as the five fattened up quickly in preparation to go through their changes. I’ll share a link or two to pictures on my Facebook pages so you can see the caterpillars in picture and video. Don’t miss this picture of the first four butterflies when I took them out of the net for some freedom in the sunroom.


We raised caterpillars into butterflies! I am using my affiliate links in this post.


Four of our five caterpillars made their chrysalides or “cocoons” about ten or so days after we received them. The fifth caterpillar took its time. I think it couldn’t find a comfy place to hang. You can see a short video of the caterpillars preparing for their chrysalide phase here.


Painted Lady butterfly chrysalides (cocoons).


I bought this Insect Lore kit online and we had a 100% success rate- all five of our caterpillars made it to butterfly-status! I chose the kit that included the caterpillars though you can just get the kit and a voucher to order the caterpillars later. You can also reorder caterpillars to do it again without having to buy the whole kit all over again.


See everything that comes in the kit at this link. Have you raised butterflies? Tell me about it in the comments below!