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My Top 5 Summer Family Movie Picks #DataAndAMovie [ad]


It’s not often that I have the opportunity to take another phone service for a test run but such an opportunity came my way. I had the pleasure of trying out the Walmart Family Mobile PLUS plan which comes with a free new-release movie rental ($7 value) through VUDU every month, per line for $49.88…and with 10GB of 4G LTE!


Let me repeat with some added details. The Walmart Family Mobile PLUS plan comes with…

  • Unlimited talk, text and data
  • 10GB of 4G LTE Data
  • plus a free movie (rental, new release = $7 value) on VUDU every month, per line
  • for $49.88.


Since I didn’t already own a Walmart phone, I decided to buy the LG K7 for $89.88, and I needed the Nano Starter Kit for this phone (must have) which is on rollback for the first time ever for $19.88 from $25.00. However, there are other phone options and they require a different Starter Kit, also currently at the rollback price of $19.88.


Walmart Family Mobile PLUS: an affordable plan for families #DataAndAMovie [ad]I found the cell phones near the checkout counter in the electronics department.


Having the extra GB of data was a real treat for our family on our most recent road trip. The boys were able to access wifi on their tablets while we were on the road; and, I could access an online map-source for directions on mine. The price of the Walmart Family Mobile PLUS plan made it that much sweeter because it is so affordable.


We were able to access wifi for all three of our tablets on our Walmart Family Mobile PLUS cell phone while we traveled.


Data AND a Movie?

Yes, please! Since we are a frugal family we do not spend much money on visiting the theaters. In fact, when we occasionally do go it’s usually the cheap theater and we never pay to rent movies at home.  My husband has trained us well on borrowing from the library which means being put on a wait list for new releases.  Having access to a free movie once a month via VUDU is a bonus for families like ours! We now will have the opportunity to watch the new movies we want to for free and – quite possibly without the wait!


Affordable start up cost?

Yes, that’s right! Another great thing about this plan is that your only upfront costs for starting service are to pay for your phone and Starter Kit (assuming you don’t already have that in place). Walmart Family Mobile bills you later for the actual service/data (the $49.88 a month).


An affordable phone plan for families #DataAndAMovie [ad]


Because this is my first time using Walmart’s Family Mobile service I did purchase a phone. While there are a variety to choose from, I chose the LG K7 for $89.88, as I mentioned above. I did have the cost of the phone and the starter kit up front (about $117), but my monthly service bill ($49.88) kicks in later.

Disclaimer: All prices for phones and plans included in this post are accurate as of the date of posting; however, these prices are subject to change. Please refer to or your local Walmart for current pricing.


Walmart Family Mobile PLUS #DataAndAMovie [ad]


The employee who helped me at Walmart at The Strip in North Canton (Ohio) offered to set up my service (which involves putting the SIM card in the phone) for me at the store. I liked that! (Who am I to turn down free help 🙂 ).  I received an email soon after from Walmart Family Mobile notifying me that my bill would be coming at a later date. I was also told at the store that I can come inside the store to pay as well!


My Top 5 Summer Family Movie Picks #DataAndAMovie [ad]


So, get the popcorn, nuts and candy ready, and cue up the free new-release movie from VUDU! I’m about to tell you what my 5 top family movie picks for summer are, and these are all available on VUDU so check them out! You can watch your free new-release movies on your TV, Smart TV, Roku (R), Chromecast (R), and VUDU Spark (TM).


Travel with affordable wifi #DataAndAMovie [ad]


My 5 “must see” Movies for Summer

  1. Left Behind (the original with Kirk Cameron)
  2. Flywheel
  3. Facing the Giants
  4. War Room
  5. God’s Not Dead

and Courageous  – Oops, that’s six 🙂 .  You get a bonus there!


Snacks for Family Movie Night #DataAndAMovie [ad]


So, what are your must-see family movies for the summer? Please tell me what other movies you think my family and I would like to see.