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I’m excited for the possible opportunity to review a Himalayan Salt Lamp. I actually have considered buying one in the past – I just haven’t done it yet. Boy, are they pretty and I love the idea of the health benefits! Thanks to this offer from the Himalayan Salt Shop and US Family Guide I think I will finally have one to review in exchange for me sharing their offer with you. You can save 20% off a beautiful Himalayan Salt Lamp. I like that they come in different options, see below.


Himalayan Salt Lamps


“The Himalayan Salt Shop proudly offers a truly unique health and wellness product. Himalayan Salt Lamps have been popular in Europe for decades, but have only recently become known in the United States. These all-natural air purifiers, made of pristine pink Himalayan salt crystal, help clean the air in your home while also serving as a stunning, glowing home decor piece surely to strike up conversation. Visit to learn more.”


Watch the short (less than 2 min.) video below to learn a little more about these salt lamps.  And, be sure to subscribe to my blog so you can read my review. I’ll share where I’m using my salt lamp and what my experience has been!



Check out these unique and natural products! Go to and use code: USFAMILY for 20% off. #himalayansalt

I will receive a complimentary Himalayan Salt Lamp for review. All opinions are my own.