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I recently answered ten questions about homeschooling and summer break for the Virtual Homeschool Coop collaboration. This is a tag video which means, if you wish to play along – “tag, you’re it!”. Do a video answering the same ten questions I’ll post below and tag me in the description box so I can come and check out your video answer too.


Virtual Homeschool Coop: 10 Questions Answered by Homeschoolers (tag)


10 Questions Answered by Homeschoolers about Summer Break – Virtual Homeschool Coop

(Virtual Homeschool Coop Questions are under the video below.)


Homeschool Summer 2016 Tag

1. Do you do any school curriculum over the summer?
2. Do you have a set date for the start and stop of summer? Are they the same each year?
3. Do you have any traditions for the end of school?
4. Do you keep a schedule during summer? Is it the same as during the school year?
5. Are you going on vacation this summer?
6. Do you do any organized summer activities?
7. Do you do a summer reading list or specified reading time?
8. Do you have goals for summer?
9. What is your favorite part for summer?
10. Bed times! Do they still exist? What about letting them sleep in?


You can also link your video to me in the comments. Don’t forget to either tag me or leave me the link in the comments, I’m interested in hearing your answers!


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