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Okay, I’m going to let the cat out of the bag really quick here, the Ninja Auto iQ Pro with Smooth Boost is one of my FAVORITE and most versatile products I’ve received free to review (and opinions are my own). I’m also using my affiliate links in this post.


They say a “picture is worth a thousand words” and I’ve got three videos below of me using this amazing kitchen appliance that I will allow to do most of the talking in this post. You’ll see me using this Ninja appliance to make a frozen fruit cream (like gelato) and protein drink, mixing brownie batter, and making my homemade almond milk!


Ninja Auto iQ Pro with Smooth Boost Review


3 things I love about the Ninja Auto iQ Pro with Smooth Boost


1 – I love that I can walk away briefly while the blender is going.

Do this at your own discretion. I was able to walk over the sink to do dishes or something while it was mixing.There are suction cups on the bottom of the unit.



2 – I love that the Ninja Auto iQ Pro with Smooth Boost is SO versatile!

The “Ninja Auto-iQ Compact System is an all-purpose, customizable, everyday kitchen assistant” and “features pre-programmed settings that take the guesswork out of drink and meal making.” There are a variety of Ninja appliances you can check out at this link.


3 – I love that this small kitchen appliance is easy to clean!



Click here to go to Part 1 for my unboxing video/post to see what came in the Ninja Auto iQ Pro box when I opened it.

My model is from the BL492 Series. Like this.

Learn more about Ninja appliances at