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I can’t remember for sure where I bought this charming candle lantern, probably a yard sale, but I decided I wanted to change it up a bit. You can see a before and after in the picture below.


I’ve been using this lantern as sort of a centerpiece on our dining room table. However, I’ve been toying with how to decorate the top of my creamy white fireplace mantel and I know I’d like to have more light colored items on there. It just so happened that I had some leftover white spray paint and another thrift project to work on – so I got to it!


How to give a new look to old decor.


This project is all about easy! I found that those smokey glass windows were held in by a piece of metal and a little sticky something-something (who knows what). I think I used that butter knife (seen in the picture below) to pry the metal away. Once the windows were out I took the lantern and a frame (another project I was pleased with the results of, I plan to share soon) outside to spray paint. Again, I had leftover paint, and it dried pretty fast! The only cost for this project was the wire and wire cutters (because I misplaced my other pair).


Cheap and easy way to fix up old decor for the table or fireplace.


I bought a small roll of white chicken coop wire  ($4.19 I think) about 5 inches wide from the craft store and used it for two projects. It was really easy to measure out and cut with my wire cutters. Just fit inside and bend those lantern wire pieces that held the windows in place and РBOOM!


I didn’t want the lantern to be totally white; I wanted a light snow-like dusting. Won’t that be pretty with Christmas decorations? And, pretty on a creamy white fireplace? The frame project will match. I’m looking forward to sharing that with you soon!


How I used chicken coop wire to give my lantern a new look!