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As a mom when you come across a great tip or hack you just have to share it with the other moms, right?!


You get me.


Well, in the past several weeks life has taught me the value of making some changes. I know someone out here is going to appreciate at least one and a lot of you may have already discovered these hacks and been using them for years! I am using my affiliate links in this post.


Mom-hack #1

Use Duct Tape to pull out a splinter. It worked for me!


Remove a spliner with Duct Tape


Mom-hack #2

Wear glasses (even your reading glasses) while cutting onions to avoid the burning eye syndrome.


THIS discovery was AMAZING to me. I usually don’t cut more than one or two big onions at a time but the other day I had two bags of small onions and the cutting took a long time and the onions were irritating my skin on a finger or two. However, my eyes were saved by my reading glasses so much grief. My husband and son in the other room however were suffering a bit.



Mom-hack #3

Buy a cheap pack of ponytail bands to color code your glasses.


For less than $2 I got a whole mess of colorful ponytail bands – plenty for color coding glasses and extra for my hair! Go the extra mile and buy a hook like mine if you don’t have one to keep your bands hanging in an obvious place for family members to find.


Use cheap ponytail bands to color code family cups.



Mom-hack #4

Winning ways to handle skin burns. 


I have a knack for burning myself, be it in a hot oven, sticking my finger on a hot Poptart, and once cutting hot-peppers bare-handed. Before I became a user of therapeutic essential oils and saw the amazing difference these oils made on my “Poptart” blister, this other method worked wonders for me for other burns. I will still use this as needed. Click here to read the “chili pepper & hot objects” burn post.


relief for skin burns- home remedies


So, do you have any amazing hacks you want to share? Tell me in the comments below.