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Ladies, if the man in your life is anything like my husband – he’s hard to buy for. Sometimes we have to think outside of the box because asking them “what would you like for Christmas” just doesn’t seem to give us many options.

I did some searching last month and came up with at least 10 practical and fun gifts for men. But let me caution you, they don’t all meet both of those adjectives. Nevertheless, I think I found some great gift ideas, depending on the man. Here ya go! I am using my affiliate links.


10 Practical and Fun gifts for Men


Magnetic Wristband for nails, hardware 

I think this is a GREAT practical gift for a guy who is often working on projects.


Acupuncture neck roll/back pad

When I look at this I think about how I may NEED it for myself, especially along my shoulderblades. Sitting at the computer is hard on my body.


Foot Pain massage balls for Plantar Fasciitis

My husband actually suffered from this foot ailment not too long ago – before he lost that job. He’s better now or I would consider getting this for him for Christmas.


Kona French Press

French Press is the only way I make my coffee at the moment.



Gifts for Men - Gift Guide

Gifts for Men – Gift Guide



Car Trunk Organizer

Great idea for the man (or woman) who has trouble keeping the car tidy.



Leathercraft Flex Grip handyman gloves

Another practical gift!



Van Gogh Guitar Picks

Designer guitar picks! Both practical and fun 🙂 .



Pulled pork claws

Very practical! And, a great excuse to have him make dinner once in awhile 🙂 .



Emoji Golf Balls

Again, practical and fun!



Fake Hair Visor

Okay, mostly fun. But, I suspect it would be practical for a bald guy with a cold noggin!



Do you have any great man-gift ideas? Tell me in the comments, because I still don’t know what I’m getting my husband for Christmas.