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Legos and other similar building bricks have long been a favorite toy in our home, even my husband has enjoyed them. We now have more Legos than my kids probably know what to do with and that is partly why I hosted a Lego Club in my home last school year. Yet Legos continually get requested. I guess you can never have too many Legos, right?

Which brings me to this new discovery – “other branded” add-on sets. I’m in love with this option. Now, I haven’t purchased any yet as I just came across these last night but I think I’ll be buying some for Christmas. Stocking stuffers, anyone?

8″ Circular (4 base with 2x2s) Set compatible with Major Brands



8″ Circular (6 base plates with 2x2s) set compatible with Major Brands



12″ Circular (4 base with 2x2s) set compatible with Major Brands



See lots of other options including square/rectangular types at this link.

More Lego/buiding block tips below:



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