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I received this 3 foot Crabpot Christmas Tree free in exchange for a review through the US Family Guide, opinions are my own.

“Mr. Harvey’s…fertile mind played with ideas of what could be done with left-over materials, and he experimented with making miniature crab traps for coastal decor. Then he began experimenting with triangles of the coated wire mesh, and the Core Sound Christmas tree was born.”  (Part of the story behind these crabpot trees.)


When the opportunity came to apply for the chance to review one of these Crabpot Trees I jumped on it! I wasn’t familiar with the brand but I wanted to have a chance to try one of these! I love the warmth and festivity that lots of little lights provide.

I don’t wait till Christmas to enjoy little lights – I use white lights on my fake decorative house trees throughout the year.

How my Crabpot Christmas Tree came shipped to my home.

My Crabpot Tree is 3 ft. tall but you’ll find them from 1.5 ft. to 8 ft. tall, too! They are very easy to set up and they fold flat which is great for storing. Crabpot Trees are made from PVC coated crab pot wire.

My Crabpot Christmas Tree review


Use the small ties to connect the two ends of the tree after you fan it out. I think there are three ties.

Crabpot Christmas Trees can be used indoors or outdoors.


Okay, so my attempts at taking a great picture of my tree in the dark with it’s lights on did not turn out well.  I’m just going to send you to my previous post here where there is a video and I shared how you can get 30% off of one of these trees for yourself! If you don’t care to go to that post you can visit the website and use this promo code: Code:USFG16


Oh, and what about the Mr. Harvey and the these crabpots? Well, go here to read the rest of the story. Be sure to look at the page with all the different pictures of trees and how people are using them while you’re there!