Off-grid pantry planner

It’s a new year and a lot of us are looking for ways to lose weight or cut our household expenses. I’m working on both!

Frugal living is a lifestyle for me and my family. And, while I use to use coupons, I do not use them anymore, as a rule. 

For over three years now I’ve been making my own homemade laundry soap and I’ve replaced my dryer sheets with dryer balls. I thought it would be a good idea to make this my Frugal Friday topic for my fourth video!

Watch my video below to see my soap and dryer balls. You can also read my review on the laundry dryer balls I use here.

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Note: It didn’t occur to me until AFTER I did the video that I do buy bleach at times which I use for both washing my whites and occasionally to clean the bathrooms. I buy that cheap – for about $1.59 for a gallon, I think.

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