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Our family enjoys these quick and easy Elephant Ear treats! I’ve been making these for years and even wrote about it years ago. I thought I’d do a quick video showing me in action making these in my kitchen. I’m using my affiliate links to link to some of the items I’m mentioning below.


Make Homemade Elephant Ears

Basically what you need will be…

  • flour tortillas (can be any size)
  • vegetable oil (we like the flavor of organic coconut oil)
  • a mixture of cinnamon and sugar – I now use a shaker like this.

Additional items include: paper towel for draining excess oil and proper utensils like a fork or tongs, plate and pan for frying.

(I’ll type out the details to the recipe below the video if you prefer to read them vs. watching the video).

Watch my short video below to see how quick it is to make your own Elephant Ears!

You can experiment too.

For example, after I shake some cinnamon/sugar on both sides I like to put some chunks of cream cheese in the middle and roll it up! THAT is delicious.




Simply put just enough oil in the pan to lightly cover the tortilla (but don’t put the tortilla in yet) and heat it up till it crackles a little bit when you touch the oil with your tortilla or drop a drop of water in the oil to test.

Then lay one tortilla in the pan at a time and as it puffs up stab it with a fork to let air out of it unless you want it puffy. Turn it over when it starts to gets some color to it. The longer you leave it in the pan the crunchier it will get. Watch it doesn’t burn!

Have your plate and paper towel ready. Use your fork or tongs to remove the flour tortilla and place on the paper towel. Shake some cinnamon/sugar mixture on both side. Eat and enjoy!

Have you tried these at home? Do you have a favorite way of eating them? Tell me in the comments.