I’ve been struggling to get my Frugal Friday Videos posted by Friday since I began watching a couple of my preschool aged nieces. The days they are here makes for some reeaallyy long days, but we have settled into a good routine, I’m glad to say!

With that said, I plan to continue Frugal Friday either by blog post or video but not necessarily “every. single. week”. We’ll see though. I might surprise you and myself 🙂 .


My nieces enjoy making things SO MUCH that this weekend I decided to stock up on art supplies a little. Today’s video is to show you what I bought today and as a result you are going to get to see my SUPER MESSY craft boxes. And then… I plan to show you a reorganization of my art supplies “video”.

You could have guessed that, right?

Below are links to activities I mentioned in the video:


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