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You probably know about Groupon by now, right? No?

Just real quick, for those who don’t, Groupon is a deal site for saving money on just about anything from fun events, services, restaurants to products you’d use in your home...or homeschool. I am a regular customer of Groupon myself.


Save money with Groupon!

I also share Groupon deals with my 37,000+ fans almost every single day at my 1000Thingstodo (in Ohio) Facebook page. For a minute, however, I want to tell you that has a homeschooling mom (going into our eighth year, no less) I found a Groupon for Rosetta Stone!

Save on Rosetta Stone

Since I have an eighth grader this year I’m thinking more seriously about foreign languages. In fact, earlier today I told my boys to pick a foreign language they’d like to learn as well as to be thinking about topics of personal interest they’d like to pursue. I still need to finalize my homeschool plans for our boys soon as the new school year is right around the corner.

Want to know some of the other things I’ve saved money on by purchasing through Groupon?

  • Donuts (twice)
  • Canvas prints to decorate our home (twice)
  • Android system tablet (Christmas present for son)
  • Starbucks Coffee (maybe twice or more)

And those are just the ones I can remember off the top of my head! I’ve been using Groupon for years.

Go ahead and browse around Groupon here! Some of the other brands I’ve seen listed on Groupon were Fandango, Abe Books, Barnes and Noble, and so many more.

Have you used Groupon before?