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Our summer break is coming to an end. While I can start our homeschool year on whatever date I want I have decided to start the same week that the public schools start in our area. So August 14th is the date I have chosen.


How are you choosing your homeschool start date?


Truth be told, I have the mindset of a year round homeschooler though this year we didn’t get much of anything done that I had hoped. But, the boys still had an educational summer to some degree as they had weeks of swim lessons, the oldest went away to church youth camp and the youngest finished his last year of VBS.


If you’ve been following my blog lately you probably know I’m planning to do a 2017-2018 weekly Youtube vlog-video series through our homeschool year giving you a peek into how we homeschool. This will be our eighth year at it.


School hasn’t started yet but I do have a vlog for you sharing how I plan to homeschool science using Science Scope in an eclectic homeschooling method. Being eclectic allows for much flexibility and creativity and you’re not tied down to one method.



You can watch the video here or go here to see it on Youtube and be sure to subscribe so you get updates when the other videos come out.


Do you use (affiliate link) Science Scope? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below.