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Aww, here it is!

Last week we officially started our 2017-2018 homeschool year by easing into this new routine. While my approach is a relaxed-eclectic style this year I’m tightening the belt a bit more. They are, afterall, middleschoolers now 🙂 . As they get older I will be expecting more of them and that is how it should be, in my opinion.


But, you know what? I still don’t grade and test as a rule of practice. We do do a little testing for spelling though. I do not keep grades, still, but I will be assigning grades in high school because I think they need them on their transcripts (which I plan to make myself).


So. Before you watch the “peek into our week” video below I want to tell ya that my videos did not download to my computer in order. By the end of the week I didn’t know what order to put them in, for the most part. Next week should go a bit smoother for me now that I have one week of this tried out.


If you homeschool when are you starting the new year? If you homeschool year round do you do anything special to recognize a new year?  Be sure to subscribe to my channel here or to my blog here to get updated when my new videos or posts are published.

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