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Soon the weather is going to turn cold and all this fluffy white stuff is going to be falling from the sky.

It’s going to stick around and pile up! Well, it will probably also be pretty fickle and come and go, too.

No more playing in the sandbox. Right?

Not necessarily. I’m going to encourage you to keep some sand around! I’m also using my affiliate links in this post at no cost to you. I may make a few cents when readers click through them and that helps support my blog. Thank you.


How to Make a Portable Indoor Sandbox

DIY Cheap & Easy Portable Sandbox for Traveling or Indoors


We have three hermit crabs that use sand along with coconut substrate in their tank. I buy a reasonably priced bag of play sand like this and store it in a plastic tote. That’s mine in these pictures.

When I need to add or replace some sand in our crabs’ tank I get it from my covered tote.

So one day while watching my nephew I took him, some toys and my tote of sand out to the yard where we had a hole in the yard but no sandbox. I decided to pour some sand into that hole and make a play area for him.

I realized that I was onto something.


DIY CHEAP, EASY Portable Sandbox for Traveling or Indoors


Really, the only problem with having sand in the house is if it gets out of the box and all over the floor, right? Well, assuming the kids don’t start pouring it out over each other’s heads.

If you have a child that can sit still and play quietly and nice you can use this idea to entertain them. What fun imaginative play they can have with their dump trucks and plastic animals in their own sandbox!

Sand is very inexpensive and so are totes!

***Just be sure to get a tote that has those locking handles on the ends. You don’t want a lid to pop off easily. The tote will be heavy because sand is heavy. My blue tote pictured is a 34 qt/ 32 L tote by Sterilite.

You don’t have to buy an expensive sand and water table (like these). And, bonus? You can EASILY travel with your tote of sand and toys.

Take your portable sandbox…

  • on vacation
  • to the Grandparents
  • to a cookout
  • to a park
  • on a picnic
  • anywhere applicable


Just put the lid on it when you’re done and put it away! Now you have a totally affordable and portable sandbox for your child.

Bonus – see this short video on Instagram of my nephew (and our conversation) playing with the sandbox inside my home. Follow me on Instagram if you want to see what our family is up to these days.