Off-grid pantry planner

About a month or so ago I was invited to join a kitchen tour video collaboration with some other ladies. I never did post it to my blog until now. If you’d like to see my kitchen just check out the video below and you’ll probably want to see the other kitchens too. You’ll find a link to the whole playlist of kitchen tours below.

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I may be doing some other videos on reorganizing and decluttering cupboards and rooms and that sort of stuff in the near future.


Want to join my Facebook group?

The HOFM Home Maker’s Support Group (that’s just fancy for a bunch of ladies encouraging each other) is a group for women who are following my Facebook page. We are currently talking about freezer cooking and meal planning; but, as we get closer to Christmas I plan to lead the group into some organizing and decluttering talk and tips. I’m no expert in any of this but simply one of the ones who needs the tips and encouragement! 


See the other kitchen tours at this link.