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We still have FIVE weeks of fall left, are you taking advantage of it? There is only one autumn given to us each year, afterall.

Fall is SUCH a beautiful time of year here in Ohio and I feel like I haven’t really taken advantage of it. Life has been busy.

So I’m looking at my list of 30 Things to do this Fall as I work on this post (link to get your free copy is at end of this post) to see what part of the fall season I can redeem before snow falls.

How can I still make autumn memories in these last weeks?

I haven’t done much on this list with my family so far, to be honest, but our family has done at least a couple things on my list and we have done other things.

The boys have had hot cocoa and we’ve lit the fireplace a few times. I love that cozy glow.

We will need to rake leaves soon but have not made any new leaf projects this year.

While we watch movies together as a family I don’t think we’ve watched any of these seasonal movies.

We did not visit a pumpkin farm or corn maze this year and we did not decorate the yard.

Fall Bucket List - Free Printable (30 Things to do this Fall)

We haven’t made any new toilet paper roll bird or squirrel feeders.

No apple pies made but my husband made a great apple crisp!

We’ve enjoyed a couple pumpkin pies (store bought frozen, of course) with store bought whipped cream because I was able to stock up on pies when they went on sale months ago.Find some fall recipes here.

We have traveled. Because I write about family travel we had the opportunity to stay a couple nights on South Bass Island, Ohio in September and then in October we stayed a couple nights in Florence, Kentucky. We were fortunate to squeeze in a couple stops along the way to some ancient mounds.

We didn’t do “trick or treat” or carve pumpkins and no one is complaining.

We did attend a fun Homeschool Pot Luck Fall party at Skyzone.

I’m content and my family seems content. It’s okay not to do everything on a list, right?

I have my fall bucket list on my refrigerator right this minute and I have looked over it. I love fall and I don’t want to miss a great opportunity to still make some memories during this beautiful season.

What are your favorite fall season family activities?