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If you’ve been following my weekly homeschool video series you will have noticed I haven’t had any new videos in awhile and I wanted to give you an update.

For the first few months a lot of what the boys have been doing has been the same so I realized it was kind of redundant, I guess, to show you the same thing each week and it’s a bit challenging to try to make sure I’m filming and homeschooling.

If you’re not following me on Youtube, where my videos are, and just relying on my blog posts to announce them then you probably missed the last several videos. While I was posting them here at the blog, too, I’m not always going to do that so make sure you are subscribed to me on Youtube here. Click the little bell by the subscribe button to get notified when new videos are posted!


NaNoWriMo inspired Homeschooling

NaNoWriMo inspired Homeschooling


Below are some of the videos I shared on the blog, but others are just at Youtube. And, with this being NaNoWriMo month (National Novel Writing Month) I am taking advantage of this to focus on teaching language arts and writing in our homeschooling. I DO plan on sharing some video of this later.

Homeschool Week One (on the blog)

Homeschool Week Two (on the blog)

Homeschool Week Three (on Youtube)

Homeschool Week Four (on Youtube)

I also answered 10 Questions for a Homeschool Mom in this collab video.

Find my homeschool videos for weeks five, six and seven at my channel here.