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I’ve lived in Ohio most of my life and there are so many places within driving distance I still have not been to. The Cleveland Museum of Art ( around since 1916) is one of them. At least, as far as I can remember I have not been there until recently.


I was so delighted to see SO much history at the Cleveland Museum of Art that after about two hours we had only been through maybe three sections of the museum and my kids were tired. If you’re not into art but you are into history then this is still the place for you to go! There is so so so much history here.


My husband and I came back a second time so we could see more and STILL did not see everything. Have you ever been to the Chicago Field Museum? The Cleveland Museum of Art reminded me a lot of a miniature version of that. I’ll include a link to the website at the end of this post.


Picture Tour of Some of the Cleveland Museum of Art




Did you know you can get into some science museums for free and other at discounted prices when you have this kind of membership?


Egypt’s Dazzling Sun: Amenhotep III and His World by the Cleveland Museum of Art.



Learn more about Andy Warhol here and here.



A Visual History of Arms and Armor.


Be sure to ask about parking. There is metered parking and parking decks in the area. But you might score free parking at the meters on certain days so ask about that! Get more information about the Cleveland Museum of Art and free general admission at their website here.

Find more resources on the Cleveland Museum of Art at this link.