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During our quick trip to experience some Ohio family fun places we haven’t been to yet, we stayed the night at the Catawba Island/ Port Clinton Holiday Inn Express. This was such a welcome relief after a long day on Put-In-Bay. Our night was provided in exchange for this review, but opinions are my own.


Let me tell you my favorite things about the Catawba/ Port Clinton Holiday Inn Express!



First, it is a beautiful place! Not only is the lobby attractive but opposite, and to the right, of this picture where you can’t see is another open area off of the breakfast area with tables and a sitting area with tv and stairs that lead to the second floor. I love the open floor plan. Guests enjoy a free HOT or cold continental breakfast! You’ll see those pictures at the end of this post.


Second, I was so pleased to have the ease of a Keurig coffee maker in our room! I actually have the same kind at home. It’s very easy to use and makes just one cup of coffee at a time. There was a selection of coffee and tea for me to choose from and I wasted little time getting around to brewing myself a cup once we were inside our room. Again, I appreciated a hot cup of coffee in our room  after a long day at Put-In-Bay.


Third! Okay, so I HAVE to tell you about the next thing I loved at this Holiday Inn Express: the really warm pool.  Now, I’m not talking about the hot tub (though it appeared they had one of those, too, but it was occupied). I’m so serious about enjoying the warm pool. One of my pet peeves about swimming is the freeze factor. I just don’t like being that cold.



If you’ll be needing a place to stay in this area you definitely want to look into the Catawba / Port Clinton, Ohio Holiday Inn Express located at 50 NE Catawba Rd, Port Clinton, Ohio. Phone: 419-732-7322

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