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(This post is one of many I’ve been moving from my 1000thingsOhio blog (so I can close it down) to HallofFameMoms right here where I’ve been blogging for almost 10 years.) 


The old Magnolia Flour Mill. I knew it existed and we could go check it out but I just never made it a point to visit.  It would be years before I (and my boys) would finally join some fellow homeschooling families on a field trip to visit it and I would realize I’d been missing out on a gem of history!

Long story short, I absolutely got sucked into the history of this old Elson family mill and the history of this small part of Ohio that isn’t all that far from where we live in Canton. I highly recommend the tour.

Did you know this mill is still in service to some degree? You can see the old time equipment, hear the story about the pond, the canal in the back and the train station.



One of my favorite parts was seeing the sandstone steps laid in 1834 still in place, apparently worn down from the traffic entering and leaving the mill over the past 181 years! The Elson family home is right next door, too.


If you decide to visit the old Elson family mill, aka Magnolia Flouring Mill, you might want to walk down the street to Taggert’s Ice Cream shop housed inside the old Isaac Miller Inn. They offer a brief tour of the building including the upstairs; and, you’ll see and learn some more fantastic history. Be sure to have some lunch or ice cream while you’re there.

The Magnolia Flouring Mill is under the care of Stark Parks. You can get more information at the website here.