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Back in July we attended the Ride Through History reenactment event in Alliance, Ohio. My family has never been to this before and I wanted to take the boys.

Volunteers from Marlboro Volunteers INC (see link below) reenacted scenes from some of the major wars in USA history. The event cost $3 to get in and another $3-5 (depending on age) to ride in the back of military trucks through war history featuring the Revolution period in the 1700s, Civil War of the 1800s, World War II (the video below) and the Viet Nam war of the mid 1900s.

Beyond the drive through part there were various war camps set up so that you could walk through different eras and talk to the actors. Food was available for purchase, there were specials like an arms demonstration (my son collected a few spent bullet casings from that) and special speakers like “Abraham Lincoln” (on Sunday).

Overall this was a great learning experience and I’m putting it down as a homeschool field trip! It was definitely worth the $6-8 spent per person.

You can follow the Marlboro Volunteers INC on Facebook here to find out when their next event will be.