Off-grid pantry planner

So. Yeahhhh, THIS.

I usually shy away from anything “direct sales” whether it’s the selling or the attending of parties.

Been there, done THAT! ...Mary Kay, Pampered Chef. Work from home opportunities.

But somehow I was interested in seeing what Thirty-one had to show me when my niece invited me to her online party.

I just love bags and totes!

I can’t help it, I do. And, I realized I’ll probably never change so why not sign up and sell something that I feel is FUN since it was just a dollar to do so in February.  The images in this post are all mine and shows some of the ways I’m using Thirty-one products. Visit My Thirty-one website here.

How I use the Large Utility Tote from Thirty-one


I quickly realized, however, what a REALLY GREAT deal the kit was and that I had a sister interested in splitting the $99 (plus shipping/tax) cost with me because she wanted a few things for herself. It ended up being at least $59 for each of us (with shipping/tax) and I got all the business supplies plus most of the products and she got what she wanted.


How I use the Double Duty Caddy from Thirty-one


The more I see from Thirty-one the more I just keep loving the business! Thirty-one puts the FUN in FUNctional. 

So, if you want to learn more about the products or sign up under me join my Facebook group: Tracy’s Thirty-one Hangout. There’s no obligation to host or buy. I just want to share the products and opportunity with you in hopes that if and when you do want to host or buy – you’ll do it with ME!


How I use the Fold Up Family Organizer from Thirty-one


I’m still blogging. I’m not planning on going anywhere. Thirty-one is my fun side hustle (work from home job) that helps bring in a little extra income for our family.

Do you have something fun you do on the side for extra money or just to get out of the house? Tell me in the comments.

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