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I’m so glad, as are my boys, that they are done with the 2017-2018 school year. We are ready for summer but that doesn’t mean we are done learning. I made a plan to keep my boys reading, learning and growing both intellectually and spiritually, hopefully.

I also made some cute printables to use to keep us organized and guided and I’m sharing those with you. You can print these off for free. You may not want to use all three of them. The most important one is the page you fill out with your monthly goals.

How I keep my kids learning through summer

Because if left to themselves they might spend all day on their electronics, I must plan for requiring some purposeful living from my boys. My plan to keep my kids intellectually and spiritually challenged through the summer at home is to require them to:

  • complete Bible study assignments of my choosing
  • memorizing scripture
  • working through a fun educational series
  • reading books

I require my boys to spend about an hour working on these goals each weekday. They don’t have to work on all of the goals every single day. My oldest wants to focus on one thing at a time it seems. My youngest is doing more of a variety.

You’ll see by the goal sheet in the image below that I have checkboxes included. After my boys accomplish that goal they need to show my husband or I so we can check off that they did indeed complete it. They will need to show us they have memorized their verses as well.

My kids' Summer Skills Schedule & FREE printables.

The educational series they are working on is actually the Life of Fred elementary series. We started that long ago and stopped and then about a year ago, maybe, picked it up again. I just want them to finish this series as a supplement to our normal schoolwork. The stories are bizarre and fun and I love that they weave different elements of real life into them. The boys answer the few questions at the end of the chapters in a spiral bound notebook I’ve given them.

As for the reading I have acquired a collection of classics and other books I let them choose from. Right now my oldest is reading Treasure Island and my youngest is reading this YWAM book. They will be required to finish one or more books per month.

You can download your own copies of my Summer Skills Printables here. Just make multiple copies of the actual monthly goal page for however many months you need.

Do you have a summer plan to keep your kids learning through the summer?