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Cleveland, Ohio is well known for a number of things, number one in my mind is it being a BIG city. In a big city a lot of great experiences can be hidden out of site because they are unique.

In such circumstances having an easy to follow guide is a must. Deb Thompson and Tonya Prater have recently published their 2nd Edition of 100 Things to do in Cleveland Before You Die. Tonya and I swim in some of the same circles in the online world and I had the opportunity to get a copy of their book for review. This is not a paid review.


100 Things to do in Cleveland Before you Die (book review)


100 Things to do in Cleveland Before You Die

So what can you expect to find in this guide book?

Well, for starters, while Cleveland is the focus Deb and Tonya were sure to include some out of city-limits experiences that are considered part of the greater Cleveland area. In some cases you will find multiple site locations that offer what the topic of certain chapters are about. Obviously, this is a good thing. It’s good to know you can find a recommended experience in more than one location (thinking about a certain type of food here: Taco Tuesday, anyone?).

100 Things to do in Cleveland Before You Die is laid out in a very easy to read manner from the Table of Contents to the end of the book where they offer “Suggested Itineraries” and a seasonal guide of recommended “Activities by Season”.

Included at the end is an Index where you can skim through and find the many businesses and activities that are talked about in the book.

I’m sure this book will be used by our family when we’re ready to look for something fun to do near or in Cleveland.

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