Off-grid pantry planner

This month I’m focusing some of my writing here at the blog on how I’m organizing different areas of my home and life.

Home, business, personal…a well organized life can make a huge difference in our ability to get things accomplished. I’m no expert, I’m constantly learning how to do things better or differently myself. In fact, I’ve got some of my own organizational projects to show you soon!

Tonight, I’m going to give you a few reasons why between now and into January is the time to get started on your organizational projects!

Clearance ItemsĀ 

Now is the time to look for Christmas and other clearance items both online and in your local stores. I was reminded of this today when I made a stop in Target to get some clip on labels I haven’t been able to find anywhere else. I was surprised at the beautiful things I was finding on sale.



Thirty-one’s January SpecialsĀ 

Are you familiar with Thirty-one? Starting January 1st several of Thirty-one’s organizational products are on SALE. Thirty-one is a direct sales company and I am a consultant. If you join (it’s free) my Facebook VIP group you can stay informed on the monthly specials and enter my giveaways.

It just so happens that I own all the January sale pieces and can do show and tell videos on them in my VIP group.


Thirty-one’s OUTLET SALE

Oh boy, don’t those two words, outlet – sale, stir up a little bit of excitement deep down inside? I know the feeling. January 3- 16th is our OUTLET SALE and you don’t want to miss this!

Join my Facebook group now because I’ll be sharing tips everyday beginning tonight to help you prepare to shop SMART so you can get the best deals from both the outlet and the January specials combined.

After you join my group head over to my website to see what Thirty-one has right now if you’d like!