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Shortly before the turn of the new year I was already on a roll reorganizing closets here at home. In today’s post I just want to show you the hallway linen closet reorganization project and really it’s just the shelves. I still have the three drawers under them to go through.

In addition to this closet I have worked on our small food pantry and my small bedroom closet. It really feels good to have things organized and looking neat and doing so with little money. I have reused some of my old bins.


Simple Ways I Reorganized My Linen Closet


My Linen Closet

We live in an old house – an almost 100 year old house. Our hallway linen closet is built into the wall as you’ll see here.

Several years ago I found those pretty green and pink cloth bins you’ll see some of in my images (you can’t see much of the pink though) ¬†at Michael’s craft store for a great price. I’m sure I didn’t have too many choices in color if I wanted a matching set, hence, green and pink. They are made nice and they’ve held up great.


Bins for Linen Closet Organization


The only new things I bought for this closet was this beautiful set of three collapsible “Storage” cloth bins online for less than $20 for the whole set and the metal clip on labels. The metal clip on labels I could only find at Target and it seemed I could save a couple bucks maybe if I ordered online from Target.

I’m reusing other pieces I’ve had such as some old glass jars and other containers.


Simple Ways I Reorganized My Linen Closet


My New Storage Bins

I love these new bins. They are so nice and they look great and the price was amazing – less than $20 for the set of three! I decided to fill them with bed linens and table clothes. I have one bin with twin sheets, one with queen and one with tablecloths.

Collapsible Storage Bins (Using our links may keep us stocked in coffee.)

Originally our sheets and pillow cases were in the middle drawer under the shelves. That drawer was a hot mess. I decided it was time to declutter that drawer. Surely we didn’t need every piece of linen in there. I didn’t even know for sure what all we had!


We only have three beds: two twins and a queen. I wanted to minimize. As a result of going through that drawer I found we had about six fitted twin sheets (the boys don’t use the flat sheets as a rule) and at least three sets of queen (my husband and I do use both flat and fitted sheets). That’s the perfect number of sheets to have in my mind.

After going through the other linens except towels, I had a nice pile of mixed linens to pass on to some folks who care for rescue animals. I’ve also donated linens to our local humane society in the past.


Using a Label Maker

I enjoy having a label maker to give some uniformity to labeling my items. I found a label maker at Aldi one day, marked down, and decided to give it a try. You can find one similar by the same brand here.


Simple Ways I Reorganized My Linen Closet


My handy-dandy Double Duty Caddy from Thirty-one is on special for January! You can up two specials with every $35 purchase. These Double Duty Caddies are $10 each on special. I’m using this one to hold misc bathroom supplies like my stock of toothpaste, unused toothbrushes, paper cups and maybe some cottonballs. Visit my Thirty-one website to check these great caddies out.


My Thirty-one Double Duty Caddy for bathroom storage.


Organizing my linen closet with vintage jars.

I plan to show you the small tweaks I’ve made in my small food pantry in an upcoming post!