Even though I am in my ninth year of homeschooling my boys I still struggle from time to time with ideas to beef up our educational agenda. My boys get through their work pretty quick at times and we just need to spend more time on educational learning. Here in Ohio (see Ohio homeschool requirements) we are required to provide a certain number of HOURS, not DAYS during the school term. Thankfully we do not have to log these hours.

I found this list of 40 Ideas for Independent Work (Not Busywork!) from Sonya of Simply Charlotte Mason. com that I decided to share it with you! Link will be below.

As an eclectic styled homeschooler myself I like to hear or read from those who teach from different methods and styles and incorporate the parts that I think will work for my home. I think anyone can benefit from this list!

As I listened to Sonya go through the list I wrote out the options that I wanted to be reminded of and added some things that I have on hand or that I thought I might want to purchase for our own use.

My list of independent study ideas includes the following:

  • World War II Time Life books
  • Our Geology rocks/minerals basket
  • Our fossil & shells basket
  • Study an atlas/ label and color maps for our History Notebook
  • Study Ohio – label counties, rivers, lakes, etc.
  • Plan a family vacation
  • Write short biographical sketches of famous people
  • Write a short book report
  • Study with Google Earth/ Google Maps
  • Virtual Field Trips
  • Watch an assigned documentary

You can listen or read Sonya and Charlotte’s list here. Read more from our homeschool journey here.

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