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I learned about this book, Disciplines of the Beautiful Woman by Anne Ortlund, when I heard Jenny from Planner Perfect talk about it. I was curious and decided to request it from the library. It’s actually an old book and while there are new copies online I was able to find many used copies for less than five bucks for me and the ladies about to go through it with me, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

I read my library copy in “record time”. I’ll be honest. If a book is too long, I lose interest and will often set it aside and – good luck if I pick it up again! That doesn’t mean a book is bad…I just have a short attention span for reading lengthy books. I have a lot going on in life, too.

So, not only did I finish this book in “record time” for me but I was SO inspired by it that I wanted to invite other women to go through it again with me! Well, I had 11 takers.

We are slowly working our way through the book and meeting in a secret Facebook group just for us. This is my second time through the book. I’m posting discussion questions and homework to help us apply it to life.

And, because I do believe we have to be careful about “who” we are reading – listening to – I did some research on the author and found about five short videos with her and her husband. Both are deceased now. You can find those in this playlist on my Youtube channel.

While I use a King James Bible and am a real stickler about it, Anne Ortlund does not use it all the time. I just look up the verses I need to in my own Bible. And, that might be my only real issue which is saying a lot! I won’t name names but we live in an age where people are looking for teachers to tell them what they want to hear, scratch that itch and… all that. So beware who you are reading.

Anne offers a lot of practical advice to Christian women looking to bring some order to their life while keeping God and his plan at the center.

So, I’ll stop there and let you look into this book for yourself. I need to read chapter seven this weekend.