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On our way to Niagara Falls, New York last month we took some time to check out Presque Isle State Park along Lake Erie located in Erie, PA.

It was a little stormy so we didn’t stay long and it was the fourth of July so it was busy with people picnicking and playing on the beaches. Part of the trails were flooded so you had that too.

Since we did check it out a little bit I wanted to share about here on the blog for all of you who may benefit from the info.

Presque Isle history

There is a waterpark as you enter and then you drive a long winding road pass a number of beach areas and wooded areas. We checked out at least a couple beaches. I loved seeing that one had a lot of large smooth stones littered around like you’d find shells on an ocean beach. This is Lake Erie so no ocean shells. You get rocks.

Presque Isle State Park in PA (Lake Erie)

I have a friend with several children and she loves Presque Isle. I’m glad we got to check it out even so briefly.

To recap, it appears Presque Isle State Park offers:

Boat rides


Place to kayak

Lighthouse tour

Gift Shop

Several different beach areas


There is an outdoor waterpark located near the entrance to the isle.

Get more info on what Presque Isle State Park on Lake Erie offers at this website.

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