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These are some products I received free to review. While some were a great fit, others were not. That doesn’t make them a bad fit for you, though! Check them out if you are interested. My affiliate links are included in this post and I may earn a few cents if purchases are made through it. See my Disclosure policy here.


Kids Flag Page

Kids Flag Page is designed to help you know your kids so you can help them grow and learn according to their personality results. My husband did this with our oldest when he was younger because I felt overwhelmed with what was required to use it. At the time I didn’t feel like I had the room in my brain or the patience to take the time needed to use it – working from home, two young kids.

Partial description: “Discover the way God uniquely hardwired your children individually and how to best relate to them. Find the six key things that motivate your child Find out what your children love most about life.” You can also see a video at Family Matters.

Kings of Israel

I love the quality of the artwork of this game and I was planning to use it as part of a Bible curriculum – and I may still but in a different way!

When our family tried playing the game we found it required a lot of concentration – basically, too many details for us at that time. I do recommend you check it out for yourself because it might be perfect for you! You can even see a video tutorial about how to play it here.

Drive Thru History Holy Land Series

One of my favorites Christian education brands is Drive Through History! I’m sure that’s because I’m better at learning when I see things in pictures and even color helps me- but Dave Stott is wity, entertaining and at times, maybe a bit corny.  But, that’s okay!

I did receive some of the Holy Land series from a Christian retailer to use to create a homeschool unit study, which is not done yet, by the way.

What’s in the Bible?

We really enjoyed the first two dvds from What’s in the Bible when the kids were younger – we used to get them from the library. I later received another one or two to use in a curriculum from a Christian retailer and also I purchased many more for our family. There are about 13-15 in this series, I think.

While the visual quality is great and they are entertaining I would caution that parents watch them the first time through with the kids because I found some info that I would not agree with – so you may too.