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If you are shopping this holiday season for a loved one who is sticking to a strict keto diet this post is for you. If you find something perfect feel free to tell me in the comments!

Gifts for the Keto Dieter

Instant Pot – Can you believe I haven’t bought one yet? It is true. But after hearing that you can make bone broth in it in amazing time, I may have to get one. I was told that instead of slow cooking for 24+ hours I can get the same results in less than three. Plus the idea of cooking a small turkey or other meal in less time makes it worth considering too.

Air Fryer – I have a couple other Ninja products that I’ve been very happy with so I would feel good about getting a Ninja brand air fryer. This one also dehydrates, roasts, bakes and grills- it is a 5 in 1 four quart air fryer.

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Gifts for the Keto Dieter

Deluxe Rapid Egg Cooker – 12 eggs – hard boiled, poached, omelet more. If you or your loved one is doing a keto diet this may be the perfect gift. See what other colors are available.

Dash Mini Waffle Maker to make your chaffles! Chaffles are egg and cheese waffles that you can use as sandwich bread or eat with a keto friendly syrup.

You may want to look into finding a new keto-friendly product to try from the following:

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