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It’s a new year and here I go again with great intentions (chuckle)! Is this you, too?

Have you ever wished you had made more time to spend with your friends or family?

I know how it is with my family. We have every reason we need and the desire to have people over BUT… life and busyness takes over.

I’ve finally figured out that I can just go ahead and schedule tentative opportunities on my calendar to spend more time with friends and family in the way of game-nights or just get-togethers.

The take away here is to …just do it. Just get the ball rolling by picking some dates on the calendar that look like they might work.

I know my husband and I have talked about having people over more often but making it happen is whole other thing! And by the way, this is also a great way to minister to other people, hint-hint.

So, I am taking you on this journey with us! Ready? Let’s go!

Build better relationships by hosting game nights with friends and family.

See some of our family’s favorite games here.

How to Start Building Relationships & Make Friends

FIRST: Go through the calendar with your spouse to pick some dates throughout the year that you want to tentatively schedule your game-night/ or get-togethers.

Determine your purpose for the get-together and this will make it easier to know who to invite.

If you don’t like the idea of a group game night, Ticia has some game recommendations for just one or two players.

Do you want to get to know a select group of people or do you want to change up the guest list so you can meet more people from work, church or the neighborhood?

My husband and I started a list on our own, but then I realized I could reach out in the private Facebook Group that our church ladies use to stay in touch. Not everyone from church uses Facebook but there are a lot there who could potentially see my invite. I basically posted that we want to have more people over this year and if anyone was interested in a game night to private message me.

SECOND: Nail down your theme and make your guest list.

Now you need to tackle the food question. Will you have food? If so, do you want to go potluck, make a theme like a “soup night”, or maybe just have everyone bring an appetizer? Just do desserts? I suggest keeping it simple if you plan to involve games or movies.

THIRD: Decide on your menu plan.

Alright! Well, the hard part is over I think. Now you just have to reach out and invite your guests. Request an RSVP that allows you time to find replacements if someone has to back out, especially if you are depending on them to bring food, a game or something that is important to the get-together.

FOURTH: Invite your guests and ask for an RSVP.

So this is exciting, yes?! You’ve made a plan and you’ve reached out to some friends or family. Now, don’t be disappointed if they all cannot make it. Life happens and it happens often at inconvenient times. You have that guest list…just move to the next person or family and invite them.

You are on your way to building relationships and making new friends and in turn you will probably be doing some growing yourself.

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